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Single click anywhere to centre the map on that point
Click again to calculate distance both direct & driving!
Did you know this MAP can....              
calculate DISTANCES for you??              
Distance: (click two points on map)
Direct -
Driving -
Lat, Long (map centre)
  This interactive map calculates driving distances, shows gps co-ordinates,
  scrolling latitude and longitude, shows location addresses, as the crow flies,
  postal addresses and much more!

  HINTS for Map use and functionality

  black dot  Single click anywhere to:
   -centre the map on that point
   -see latitude and longtitude above
   -see postal address pop up
   -click again to calculate distance

  black dot  Doubleclick a marker for StreetView

  black dot  Moving or dragging the markers will recalculate the journey & distance

  black dot  Depress left mouse key to Scroll and use the mouse wheel to Zoom

  black dot  StreetView is activated by dragging the orange pegman onto the map

  black dot  Use the Search box at the base of map to find any worldwide location
     - use zip, address, city name
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