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  • Mailpile
    ...E-mail not as private you think
  • Magna Carta
    ...Explore its 800-year legacy
    ...US-based used car search
  • Airfare Watchdog
    ...Search for Best Airfare Deals
  • The Big Snoop
    ...Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Terrorists
  • DuckCapture
    ...Capture a window or region on your screen, or the contents of a tall web page that scrolls
  • WinDirStat
    ...Disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for various versions of Microsoft Windows
  • Visualising China
    ...Explore more than 8000 digitised images of photographs of China taken between 1850 and 1950
  • Images from the History of Medicine
    ...Over 70,000 digitized historical images
  • The Names of the Solar System's Moons
    ...and Their Meanings
  • Women in Science
    ...Listen to stories about fascinating women working and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
  • Stopwatch
    ...Clock, Timer, Countdown etc
  • Found Cambodia
    ...Traces some of the sociocultural changes Cambodia has witnessed since 1979
  • Wxyz Webcams
    ...World webcams portal
  • Infotopia
    ...Academic search engine designed for students, teachers, and especially homeschoolers
  • Peek Space
    ...Curated Free·to·use Space Photography
  • National Portrait Gallery
    ...Australia’s National Portrait Gallery
  • Planck
    ...Planck is ESA’s time machine, looking back to the dawn of time close to the Big Bang
  • Google Takes You to Abbey Road
    ...Where, in the 1960s, The Beatles and producer George Martin largely redefined popular music
  • Art Nerd
    ...Art openings, artist interviews, opportunities for community art, studio visits, gallery reviews etc
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pirate pete Many more Sites of the Day, Week, Month etc., can be found here or here..or look in the barnacle encrusted treasure chest for Pirate Pete's previous picks!!

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  • Connect with English
    ...Help you study and improve your English
  • Bombing Hitler's Dams
    ...Experts recreate the bold feat of “dambuster” pilots who used bouncing bombs to destroy two key German dams in WWII
  • Computers & Technology
    ...A variety of videos about computing and technology
  • myMeetingTime
    ...Connect with someone in a different time zone
  • Environmental Education
    ...Explorations on water quality, insects, and a variety of Homework Resources
  • TrainWeb
    ...Comprehensive source for railroad information including rail travel, model railroading, rail history, railfanning and an extensive collection of railroad photos travelogues
  • pdfcrowd
    ...Convert HTML to PDF Online
  • Folgerpedia
    ...Literature, culture, and history of early modern England and Shakespeare
  • Superlinguo
    ...A blog about language and linguistics
  • Vita Brevis
    ...Blog of the New England Historic Genealogical Society
  • Housekeeping
    ...Spick and span housekeeping tips
  • Spacewar!
    ...Spacewar is one of the earliest digital computer games
  • Rerun Century
    ...Free Videos and 20th Century TV
  • World War One
    ...Explore over 500 historical sources from across Europe
  • Super Ratings
    ...A deeper understanding of how the industry is tracking
  • Railroad Photographs
    ...From the Rutland Railroad Archives at Middlebury College Library
  • UN Women
    ...Dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women
  • Physics Frontline
    ...Latest scientific news, analysis, and commentary on the intersection of physics with science
  • Credit Score
    ...Knowing your score can help you take control of your credit
  • TV News Archive
    ...VIEW clips from 628,000 shows since 2009
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  • CheatSheet for DuckDuckGo
    ...Tons of goodness to make life easy and display instant results
  • Similar Site Check
    ...Free and open search engine to find similar and related websites
  • First World War
    ...Explore our collection of First World War records
  • British Pathé
    ...Unparalleled collection of historical events and vast catalogue of changing social activity
  • Learn More About Climate
    ...Resources and tools for teachers, policy makers, and citizens
  • Woman's Building
    ...History, programs, projects, and the women behind the vision
  • India Illustrated
    ...Photographs of early 20th century India under British rule
  • TV Fool
    ...Resources related to over-the-air (OTA) broadcast services (TV, FM, and others)
  • Antenna Web
    ...Helps you discover all of the over-the-air television stations and their subchannels available at your location
  • Slideee
    ...Slide Search Engine
  • Weather Odds
    ...Learn the odds of weather changing based on past climate
  • FaxZero
    ...Send faxes for free to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada
  • Free PDF Compressor
    ...Free PDF compression software to enable you to effectively reduce the size of PDF files
  • Speed Of Me
    ...Internet speed test
  • Portable Freeware
    ...Portable Freeware Collection
  • Kongregate
    ...Over 80,000 free games
  • Sporcle
    ...Trivia quizzes and puzzles
  • Dummy Image
    ...Dynamic Dummy Image Generator
  • Shrink O’Matic
    ...Application to easily (batch) resize (shrink) images
  • Shrink Pictures
    ...Resize Images Online

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